The weeks between Thanksgiving and January 1 are rich with occasions to celebrate. For a holiday-timed campaign aligned with the Boursin Cheese target of  “epicurious” enthusiasts (who love showing off their entertaining chops), we created a video series with quick tips for pulling off all manner of holiday get-togethers.

A pleasing platter doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. It’s all in the presentation know-how, as demonstrated in this Holiday Entertaining tutorial.

Heading to a potluck? These festive appetizers are as easy to make as they are beautiful – and simple to carry along as well!

Little things can make a huge impact when setting a holiday table, as in this Boursin clip.

Holidays aren’t just for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. This game-day menu item is a real crowd-pleaser (and simple to make to boot!).